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Health & Safety Information

Health Awareness
Health Awareness reduces the likelihood of a person with a communicable disease coming to school when they are infectious. This includes a person checking regularly they (or their child) are not experiencing symptoms of illness (including but not limited to COVID-19 symptoms) to ensure they are not coming to school when they are sick (including if they are unable to participate fully in regular activities due to symptoms of illness).
HealthLinkBC is the gateway to access non-emerency health information services in BC, and contains a collection of print and telephone resources. HealthLinkBC’s goal is to enable residents to better manage their health and the health of their families. To access HealthLinkBC, please click on the link: www.HealthLinkBC.com


SD20 has upgraded many systems and we are meeting or exceeding the requirements in all our buildings.

  • Regular inspection of all units every 3 months
  • Merv 13 filters installed in all units and changed quarterly
  • HRV units installed in all portables
  • Amount of outside fresh air increased to 30%
  • HVAC hours expanded with 2 hour pre-occupancy fresh air pre-purge
  • Exhaust fans running full time
Ventilation System Overviews: