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School District No. 20 (Kootenay-Columbia)
Twin Rivers Elementary School
Twin Rivers Campus: 649-7th Ave. | Castlegar, BC V1N 1R6 | 250-365-8465
Castlegar Primary Campus: 749-7th Ave. | Castlegar, BC V1N 4E1 | 250-365-5744

Please forward all general inquiries to our school's email address: [email protected] 
Our Twin Rivers and Castlegar Primary Team 2021-2022
  Admin Team
Email Address
  Wendy Cutler Principal   TR
  Kim Desmarais Vice-Principal   CP [email protected]
  Kristen Gregory Vice-Principal   TR [email protected]
  Leanne Osokin Admin Assistant   TR  
  Chelsea Kristian  Admin Assistant   CP  
 Division Teaching Team   Language Campus Email Address
1 Lawrence Redfern Grade 7 English TR [email protected] 
2 Kelsey Negreiff Grade 7 French TR [email protected] 
3 Kristen Gregory
Fin Page
Grade 6/7 English TR [email protected]
[email protected] 
4 Kate Running Grade 6 English TR [email protected] 
5 Keri Russell Grade 5/6 French TR [email protected] 
6 Jen Buchan Grade 5/6 English TR [email protected] 
7 Julie Houde
Stephanie Main
Grade 4/5 French TR [email protected]
[email protected]
Curt Kutschera
Hannah Armitage
Grade 4/5 English TR
9 Sherry Elias Grade 4/5 Russian TR [email protected] 
10 Valerie Kosowan Grade 3/4 French TR [email protected] 
11 Megan Read
Bobbi-Lynn Clark
Grade 3/4 English TR [email protected]
[email protected] 
12 Lori McWilliam Grade 3/4 English TR [email protected] 
13 Caroline McChesney Grade 2/3 French TR [email protected] 
14 Venie Cheveldave Grade 2/3 Russian TR [email protected]
15 Casey Stowe Grade 1/2 French TR [email protected] 
16 Ian Baxandall Grade 2 English CP [email protected] 
17 Ernie Verigin Grade 1/2 Russian CP [email protected] 
18 Treena Moorey Grade 1/2 English CP [email protected] 
19 Lauren Kessler Grade K/1 French CP [email protected] 
20 Myia Malakoff Grade K/1 English CP [email protected] 
21 Kara Hlookoff Grade K/1 Russian CP [email protected] 
22 Brandie Davis Grade K English CP [email protected] 
23 Shauna McKeating Grade K French CP [email protected]
  Fin Page Music Teacher   TR [email protected]
  Darlene Ross-Barrett Librarian   TR/CP [email protected] 
  Barb Madge Library Assistant   TR/CP  
  Support Team     Campus Email Address
  Darlene Kilback Student Support Teacher   TR/CP [email protected] 
  Lauriane Lavoie Student Support Teacher   TR/CP [email protected] 
  Carol Townsend Student Support Teacher   TR [email protected] 
  Tori Erickson Child Care Worker   TR [email protected]
  Joanne Ambrosio Child Care Worker   CP [email protected] 
  Christine Knippelberg Indigenous Support   TR/CP [email protected] 
  Nicole Elliott EA   TR  
  Darren Erickson EA   TR  
  Christina Medland EA   TR  
  Taira Murphy EA   TR  
  Stacy Nichvalodoff EA   TR  
  Chris Palmer EA   TR  
  Tobi Proulx EA   TR  
  Carlea Thomson EA   TR  
  Leanne Bontrup EA   CP  
  Dawn English EA   CP  
  Lori Hanson EA   CP  
  Lisa Ludwar EA   CP  
  Sarah Nelson EA   CP  
  Sandra Osetsky EA   CP  
  Custodial Team     Campus  
  Teena Wood     TR  
  Dionne LePage     TR  
  Kris Johnston     CP